About Us

A software development house with 4+ years of experience building software for enterprise organizations and applications for startups

What is Nodlays?

At Nodlays, innovation and creativity join hands with technology that reflects on the success of our valuable clients. Our experts are innovative, co-operative, passionate, and most important result oriented. At Nodlays, we remain stick to our commitments and we never compromise with the quality. Our utmost priority is to fulfill the client needs and guide him to achieve his goals swiftly.Starting from the strategic consulting to innovate and customized website design and WordPress setup, our specialists work with the devotion to deliver client success on every project. Innovative design, standardization, timely deliveries, and co-operative attitude towards the clients is the key point in our success since 4+ years

Streamlined processes

The more efficient workflow, the more efficient the employees. Our process allows for maintaining the quality of work, automating software delivery pipeline and increasing team morale.

Talented people

We seek talented multi-dimensional individuals and invest in them by offering one of the strongest career mentoring and training programs in our city.

Proven technologies

The result of our work is software that satisfies the CISQ code quality standards. It is secure, maintainable, efficient, and reliable. With reliable software, it's easy to grow.

We follow CISQ standards to build reliable, maintainable, secure, and efficient software.

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